enzo de la terra
enzo de la terra

We introduce you to our brand, Enzo.

Unmatched in the authentic quality of our superior Oils, Olives, Vinegars and Salts. Unequaled in our unique aristocratic designs, incorporating our Ancient Family Coat of Arms.

We have reintroduced honest quality from the Mediterranean to the USA, which can all be sourced back to our harvest lands in Southern Spain.

Fresh Everyday Olives and Olive Oil with a Mediterranean Chic Persona

Our Heritage Family Recipes have been rediscovered in our delicious range of Queen Sevillano Olives.

Always First Cold pressed for superior quality at a price that´s right. Practical, handy packaging that suits your lifestyle.

In addition to our own quality brands of ENZO and OILÉ.

ENZO DE LA TERRA offer an excellent custom made service to you.

Our Spanish factories can provide medium to high grade Olive Oils and Olives. Packaged to your specifications and delivered to you through our own American Company.

The products are produced and transported under FDA and USDA regulations for instant sale or consumption.